Your data, anywhere, anytime - PAM on the move, PAM in multiple locations - YES we can. 

  • "I manage a vineyard in Marlborough, NZ, but my boss lives in Los Angeles - how can we both see the data?"
  • "My brother and his wife need to enter data and run reports at the same time as my wife and I"
  • "We are getting into lots of trouble backing up and restoring data between my computer and Dad's - we're constantly wiping out good data"
  • "We would dearly love to run PAM on our iPads while in the field" 
  • "I have farm managers up and down the East coast and I want my farm records visible to all of them" 
  • "I want my workman to enter his spray records while I enter the livestock records" 

Yes - we can help 

PAM SaaS gives you these possibilities... 

  • Remote Office
  • Run the PAM program on a Mac, iPad or Windows.
  • Securely deliver information contained in PAM to remote offices and contact centres.
  • Workforce mobility
  • Extend employee access to PAM beyond the traditional office environment. 
  • Speed deployment, lower costs and increase efficiency
  • Business information flowing, no matter what

Use existing technologies and proven software implementation. 

PAM SaaS Solutions enable this level of continued operations by protecting critical information and applications, providing secure Web access to essential business resources and allowing users to continue working from anywhere.
Configurable user logins are available, define single or multiple datasets (Farms) available for individual login access.
Create specific configuration lists (consumables, crops, varieties etc...) remotely.
Reporting can be carried out on available datasets (Farms). Individual reports for Farm Managers, comparative analysis reports for Regional Managers.

PAM SaaS has been helping people solve their data access problems since 2003.

Fill out the DEMO REQUEST FORM or better still CALL US during office hours (Western Australian time)  on +61-(0)8-9 367 5814 to find out more if you want to come on board and start up with our PAM SaaS system or if you are already using PAM but can see the benefits of moving your current PAM data to our PAM SaaS system. 

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