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Grape growers have just got even smarter

Grape Forecaster
Finally, scientifically based grape yield forecasting made easy..
Use Grape Forecaster to set up sampling tasks on your office computer, then either:
Collect data in the vineyard using hand held computers and transfer data back to the office computer: or..

Print out a data collection sheet and enter the data into the Grape Forecaster later

Grape Forecaster is a joint venture project of the Victorian Department of Primary Industry, the Grape and Wine Research Development Corporation and Fairport Farm Software. Grape Forecaster ~ used and proven by Australia's major wineries over several years. 
Now available to grape growers worldwide. 

Grape Forecaster's features enable you to: 

  • Sample and forecast over multiple vineyards and patches
  • Generate your sample sites without bias (or use your existing sample sites if you prefer)
  • Enter your data and adjust the sampling to meet accuracy targets in the vineyard
  • Keep all your data in one database and manage it easily
  • Produce your forecasts using a large range of scientifically-proven methods
  • Evaluate and analyse your performance
  • Store your historical data and use it to continually improve your forecasting
  • Produce professional quality reports and graphs
  • Import and Export your data in spreadsheet format
  • Metric and Imperial measurements can be used

Grape Forecaster's features enable you to upload yield forecast data to a central web site for wineries, interfacing with our PAM AusVit software. Do you have Fairport's PAM AusVit?

Data + Analysis = Information ~ Information = Knowledge ~ Knowledge = Power
Empower your operation with Grape Forecaster now!

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