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  • PAMShare

    Share your farm reports & maps online with your team & contacts...

    Aslo caters for Advisors and Consultants

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  • PAM QA+

    Manage your farm business better with our sophisticated yet uncomplicated software designed by farmers for crop and livestock producers. Helping farmers manage better since 1988

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  • PAM Ausvit/UltraVit

    Used by the world's leading wine companies. Helping grape growers to understand the costs of production at a block or variety level. Attention to detail with little effort. Developed in conjunction with the viticulture industry.

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  • PAM Enterprise

    Chosen by the world's leading farming corporations to gain better control and management of large farming, horticulture and viticulture operations. Improving business intelligence.

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  • Grape Forecaster

    Finally, scientifically based grape yield forecasting made easy.... Based on technology developed by the Grape and Wine Research Development Corporation and used by leading wine companies in every continent around the world

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  • PAM UltraCrop

    Farm management software tailored for horticulture. Helping growers to achieve better outcomes in all regions ... from the tropics to cooler areas. Orchardists, Nut Growers, Berry Growers, Market Gardeners.

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  • Precision Data Processor PDP

    Record ... Process.Analyse.Manage. PDP imports 'spatially variable' data from any source - yield data, geophysical survey data (EM, Radio-metrics, Magnetometer), and geochemical data (Soil test data) and using sophisticated and proprietary technologies displays your data in many formats. Generate management zones. Prepare VRA recipe maps...

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  • PAM FieldRex

    Agronomists: Record crop inspections, make recommendations ... upload your findings and recommendations to your PAM clients - directly into their farm computer via 3g or WiFi ...

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  • PDP Lite

    Quick & Easy. Variable Rate Maps from Shape Files in no time...

    For Precision Farmers and Consultants

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Excellent software support

Maintaining "Fairport Club" membership gives you access to Fairport's support team and ensures you keep up to date with our latest upgrades. Get the most from your software investment. 

Fairport Club Membership »

Software as a service

Entering data and gaining access to it should be easy and convenient.Access your data -  anywhere, anytime over the internet on any device with PAM "SaaS". Convenience, plus. 

Software as a service »

Mobile data entry & reports

Collect the data at its source. Equip your team with our PocketPAM2 software - run it on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows tablets. If you value your farm records, it just makes sense...

PocketPAM2 - data capture »

UltraCropLooking for a practical, simple to use but sophisticated suite of software for your horticultural (orchards, olive groves, nut tree plantations, market gardens, etc.) management? PAM Ultracrop and PocketPAM – the complete suite for horticultural managers.

The History…

Fairport has been working with the Australian horticulture industry since the early 1990’s when we developed a system for a large wildflower operation. Subsequently this program, Horris (Horticultural Records and Information System) was used by various vineyard managers, market gardeners, strawberry plantations, orchardists and the South Australian horticultural and viticultural research stations at Loxton, Nuriootpa and Lenswood.
During the late 1990’s we incorporated the horticultural specific features of Horris into our PAM Ultracrop software. PAM Ultracrop is now the product of choice of many growers across Australia, from the warm tropics of Kununurra, Katherine and Darwin, to chilly south of Tasmania.  

What can it do for you?  

We asked one of our clients for the 6 reasons they bought PAM -  6 reasons

See also - the matrix of PAM versions & capabilities 

The result of over two decades of development. Thousands of clients with diverse needs have provided feedback and suggestions to keep PAM at the cutting edge. PAM just keeps getting more and more powerful, more and more useful.

Fill out the DEMO REQUEST FORM or better still CALL US during office hours (Western Australian time)  on +61-(0)8-9 367 5814 to find out more

 PAM Ultracrop can be bundled with a Mapping Module or a Precision Farming Mapping Module. These mapping systems will substantially enhance your software’s reporting capabilities and your overall production recording experience.  

Budget, Plan and Record all your activities for crop establishment and monitoring Software for Curcubits

Keep track of all your costs and income and use the powerful gross margin reports to understand which production areas are giving you problems, which are the winners.  

Analyse your water use efficiency -  Comprehensive rainfall and weather graphs and crop vs crop / paddock vs paddock reporting gives you a clear picture of your efficiencies

Import data from your soil and tissue testing laboratories - graph the results or visualise them on your farm map 

Use the nutrient components of your fertilizers to produce nutrient audit reports and nutrient map reports.  

Software for Fruit & Vegetable Growers


PocketPAM2 - data capture at the source – Fairport’s suite of handheld computer data entry software works well with all PAM versions. 

Precision Data Processor - the module for analysing spatially variable data and used for preparing recipe maps for site specific treatments. PDP can be added to any of the PAM range of solutions. 


Fill out the DEMO REQUEST FORM or better still CALL US during office hours (Western Australian time)  on +61-(0)8-9 367 5814 to find out more


Consultant Agronomists : From the outset, farm consultants and consultant agronomists have made use of PAM "MultiClient" to keep track of their client's farming operations and to use the facilities like -  Recommendations and Budgets to help their clients plan ahead.  

PAM SaaS : Move your PAM data to our hosted PAM SaaS service. Use PAM online - anywhere, any time. Read more here »   Software as a service

Enterprise solutions are available for all our PAM version for farming corporations requiring a robust, secure and centralised data management system.


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